Balsam Bernards

...and Bosco

Puppies at Home (this page may take a minute to load)

Here are pictures of some of the puppies as they grow up in their new homes.

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 This is Oskar "The Wonderbernard" (as his family calls him). He was the first Saint puppy ever born at Balsam.


This is Oskar on Halloween










This is Oskar at Camp Hiawatha in Northern Minnesota, getting lots of attention from the kids at camp.  





Here is Oskar on Halloween, being a gypsy










Here is a video of Adeline reading Cinderella to her big boy (click on the triangle)...

Here is a video of Isabelle sharing dinner with Gracie (click on the triangle)...  


 Here are pictures of other Saints at home...




































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Here are a few links to YouTube videos of Rosie. Lulu and Beuford are her parents...

Rosie at 13 1/2 weeks...

Rosie at 4 months...

Rosie at 6 months...                       Rosie

Rosie at 9 months...



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