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This isn’t just about breeding dogs. It’s so much more than that.

We didn’t choose dog breeding; it sort of chose us. Beuford came to us at a very difficult time in our lives. I found his massive, calm presence and canine companionship to be very therapeutic and healing. And then I thought he was so beautiful that he needed to “procreate”. So, when asked if he could stud for others, our answer was “yes.” His puppies were beautiful and large. We loved Beuford so much and had learned a lot from other breeders, so we decided to get a female of our own, Lulu. We were very impressed with her parents and their conformation to breed standard. We enjoyed Beuford and Lulu so much that we just expanded from there.

For us, breeding dogs isn’t about the money. Yes, money can be made on each litter, but the reality that we’ve found is that properly caring for our adult dogs (proper housing with heat and air conditioning, quality food, regular vet appointments, flea/tick repellant, heartworm preventative, etc. etc.) costs a chunk of money, as does proper puppy care. So far, we really haven’t come out ahead financially.

But that’s fine, because we breed Saint Bernards for a greater purpose. One day I went outside to find my husband and a couple I had never met before looking at our puppies. The couple had just lost their beloved Saint companion of many years. The woman held each pup, with tears streaming down her face. They didn’t buy a puppy and we never saw them again, but that’s what the woman needed to begin to heal from her loss.  I realized that this is why we do what we do. The gift that we received by getting Beuford is my wish for every potential puppy owner who crosses our path.

We love Saint Bernards. We have learned everything we can about the breed and continue to learn more all the time. One of our goals has been to develop a breeding program that produces puppies that can either be shown by us or by others. Our puppies have gone home with new owners’ intentions of rescue, therapy, the show ring, and wonderful companionship.

We couldn’t be happier.  

     **Beuford riding along to get the mail** 


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