Balsam Bernards

...and Bosco

Mika  (pronounced Meeka)

This girl has it all - size, looks, and personality! Mika is a BIG, gorgeous girl with an impressive pedigree. She is very well put together. Mika has a fun-loving personality and listens well. She loves to be around people and we have so much fun with her!

Mika has had three beautiful litters of puppies. Click here to see pictures of Mika's puppies→  Mika's Puppies 

Mika going for a walk with Alecia...

Mika at 22 months old...





Mika loves to be with Alecia.

Alecia taught Mika to walk on a treadmill last year, and they had great fun with it. 

Here is a picture of Mika napping with Alecia, and taking up most of the bed!!



    Mika at 17 months old... 


Mika at one year old...

     Mika at 3 months old...




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