Balsam Bernards

...and Bosco


Sir Bumbly Beuford   

February 24, 2007 - November 11, 2018

Beuford was our first Saint. He was the start of our love for the breed. Beuford was smart and very loyal. His puppies were beautiful. His personality was as big as his stature. Although he was a large Saint, Beuf was always underfoot. He was a special boy and we really miss him.

                           Celebrating Beuford's 11th Birthday...

Beuford's 8th Birthday!

This picture was taken fall, 2012. Beuford would rather ride the four wheeler with Alecia, than run along side - but he can't quite get on!  

   Other Beuford pictures...


 Beuford as a puppy

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