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We are no longer breeding. Most of our dogs are old or would even be considered elderly by the life expectancy of a large breed dog. We've put everything into our dogs and puppies and will continue to love our dogs and take good care of them until they are no longer with us. Although we've worked diligently in our breeding program, the one thing we weren't able to grasp was the concept of breeding a dog and then rehoming it when it's no longer able to produce puppies. That's common when breeding, but we make a commitment to each of our dogs for its lifetime. We have a deep bond with each of our dogs. They are bonded with us, as well as with each other. It's not just a business, it's family.

We are so grateful to the wonderful families who have given our puppies loving homes. We will continue to honor the Puppy Agreement for any puppies that have come from us.

Please feel free to browse our website to see our dogs and past puppies.

Driving down Balsam Road in the winter

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